I started Cam’s Underpants to show dudes that there is a difference between a pair of $5 and $20 boxer briefs.

While creating this site, I started to think about other pieces of clothing men don’t typically think twice about.

I’ve been buying 3-packs of black Nike cushion crew socks for most of my life. They don’t retain their black color for long (they fade after just a few washes), don’t wick sweat well and are always riding down my leg. Nonetheless, I’m usually content, since it’s only $4 per pair.

But that got me thinking: is it smart to go the cheap route, or are the premium socks a better value? Who’s got the best men’s socks?


Hanes FreshIQ Crew

  • A sheet of paper is thicker than Hanes.
  • You’re looking at a $1 per sock. There’s a reason Hanes been around so long; they’re dirt cheap.
  • These won’t stay up and constantly slide down my legs.
  • After a couple of washes, these will be in rough shape.They don’t keep their form at all.

Nike Performance Cushion Crew

  • I love the Nike brand, and that’s the only reason I’d buy these. But after trying other options, I can say these are terrible socks.
  • They might’ve been better-made in years past, but the quality is awful.
  • They’re thin and don’t hold their form. They also fade quickly.
  • They’ll slide down your legs.

Darn Tough Crew Light Cushion

  • $20 for a pair of socks? To be fair, though, they do offer a lifetime guarantee.
  • The socks are thin but very warm.
  • You can’t order them from the website, which doesn’t make sense to me; fortunately, they’re available on Amazon.
  • They have a bunch of different styles and colors–so many that I found it confusing. There are too many options, and I can’t tell what makes each different from the next.
  • There’s a strange seam that goes along the toes. You can’t feel it; it just looks odd.

Mack Weldon Extended Crew

  • They have a “try on guarantee,” meaning if you don’t like the socks they’ll refund you with store credit.
  • These socks look good and feel good, but I don’t think they’re very durable. After just a few washes, they’re already showing some wear.
  • There are only two options: the everyday sock and the no-show sock, either of which can be worn as a dress sock or an athletic sock.
  • My only other criticism is that I wish they weren’t so long; however, they will stay in place.

Bombas Marls Calf

  • The socks utilize eight different proprietary technologies. I don’t buy into the technology, but these socks are incredibly comfortable.
  • They’ll keep you warm in winter because they’re thick, but they stay cool in the heat too. They come in four styles and many colors.
  • You can get away with wearing these to formal events or the gym. You’ll also get substantial discounts if you purchase multiple pairs at once.
  • For every sock purchased they donate a pair to a homeless shelter.
  • They’re super durable. I have pairs from a year ago that are still in great condition.

Adidas Athletic Crew

  • I’m not a big fan of the Adidas brand so I’d rather not have the logo displayed so prominently all over the sock.
  • They maintain their color after washing (unlike Nikes).
  • They’re tighter than most, so they stay up and don’t slide down.
  • I like working out with these because they wick sweat well.
  • They’re thinner on top than most and a little transparent.

Under Armour Performance Crew

  • I really like this brand, so it’s not an issue for me, but the logo is very prominent on the side of the sock.
  • These are tight and don’t slide down your leg.
  • However, because of the tightness, they’re not easy to put on. If you want Under Armour socks that aren’t as tight, go with the UA Charged Cotton 2.0.
  • These are my favorite for working out. They wick sweat well sweat and have odor-reducing technology.
  • They’ve got plenty of cushion.

Puma Striped Crew

  • These are lightweight and comfy, my favorite pair. But they’re thin without much cushion.
  • They’re a perfect combination of dressy and athletic. They’re stylish enough to wear with dress shoes but wick sweat well too.
  • They stay up and never slide down. With most socks, that means they’re super tight, but not these.
  • The six-pack is only $15 ($2.50) per sock. You won’t find a better value!
  • The striped design might not be for everyone, but I love it. They have solids too.