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Best Men’s Socks: Mack Weldon vs. Bombas vs. Tommy John

best mens socks

The purpose of Cam’s Underpants was to show dudes that there is a difference between a pair of $5 boxer briefs and a $20 pair.

While I was creating this site, I started to think about other pieces of clothing men don’t typically pay any attention to.

I’ve been buying 3-packs of the black Nike cushion crew socks for most of my life. They don’t retain their black color for long (after just a few washes they become faded), don’t wick sweat well and are always riding down my leg. Nonetheless, I’m usually content, since it’s only $4 per pair.

This got me thinking: is it smart to go the cheap route, or are the premium socks a better value? Who’s got the best men’s socks?

A lot of the companies from which I’ve purchased underwear sell special socks too, so I gave them a try!

Here’s my definitive top four list of premium socks…


#1 - Bombas Marls Calf


63% Extra Long Staple Cotton, 30% Polyester

I first saw these socks on Shark Tank. I was intrigued, but didn’t decide to buy until now. When the CEO was making his pitch, he talked about the eight different proprietary technologies his socks utilize. I’m not sure if I buy into the technology, but I will say these socks are extremely comfortable.

You can tell these will keep you warm in winter because they’re thick; but they stay cool in the heat too. They come in four different styles and a ton of different colors and designs. Personally, I like the Marls Calf style the best.

You can get away wearing these for formal events or for physical activity. You’ll also get substantial discounts if you purchase multiple pairs at once. Also, you’ll get 25% off if you use my link.

Here’s one of my favorite parts: for every sock purchased they donate a pair to a homeless shelter (socks are the most requested item at homeless shelters). So you’re getting the best pair of socks on the market, and you’re doing good for someone at the same time. It’s a no brainer.


#2 - Darn Tough Crew Light Cushion

From Amazon

63% Merino Wool, 34% Nylon, 3% Spandex

I’m from New Hampshire, so it’s cool to support my small neighboring state. But, come on, $20 for a pair of socks? Well, that’s cheap if you consider it’s guaranteed to be the last pair of socks you purchase. As long as Darn Tough is still in business, they’re offering a lifetime guarantee on their socks. These are also very warm and comfortable and wick the sweat well.

You can’t order these socks on their website, which doesn’t make sense to me; fortunately, they’re available on Amazon. They have a bunch of different styles and colors–so many that I found it confusing. There are too many options and I’m not really sure of the differences among them. That being said, I’m happy with the pair I went with. My only other beef is that there’s a strange seam that goes along the toes. You can’t feel it; it just looks strange.

Are these socks durable? I’m not sure yet; but I don’t care. With a lifetime guarantee, I’ll just send them back for a new pair if something goes wrong.


#3 - Mack Weldon Everyday

From Amazon

80% Combed Cotton, 15% Polyamide, 5% Elastic

I had never heard of this company until I found their underwear. Their boxer briefs are solid and I’m a fan of their marketing, so I thought I’d give the socks a try too! They have a “try on guarantee,” meaning if you don’t like the socks they’ll refund you with store credit. These socks look good and feel good; but I don’t feel like they’re going to be very durable. After just a few washes, they’re already showing some wear. They only offer two options: the everyday sock and the no-show sock, either of which can be worn as a dress sock or as an athletic sock. My only other criticism is that I wish they weren’t so long; however, they will stay in place. Overall, I don’t hate this sock; but I’d rather go for the 3-pack of Nikes for better value.


#4 - Tommy John Performance


57% Nylon, 37% Polyester, 6% Spandex

I loved my Tommy John Second Skin Boxers Briefs. Like the underwear, their socks are expensive too. $16 is a lot for a sock; but if they were as nice as the boxer briefs they’d be worth it. I love that they made a sock that is great to wear while working out, but can also work as a dress sock. I don’t want to worry about wearing different socks for different occasions. The sock is comfortable and stays in place, though I prefer other options when it comes to athletic activities. I’m not huge fan of the nylon feel and I don’t think it smells so great, either.

Unfortunately, after just one wear, all three pairs of my socks starts pilling on the bottom part. I followed the wash instructions, so I’m not sure if this had something to do with my shoes or what was happening.

They were comfortable, but for $48 (for three socks) I expected more. I sent them back and was given a $48 credit to Tommy John to get something else. Excellent customer service. Decent sock, just not worth $16 each.
bombas socks review

Which socks are for you?

I recommend buying Bombas and Darn Tough over a standard pair of socks. But I’d rather pay $3 for a pair of Nike socks and just replace them frequently than get Mack Weldons or Tommy Johns. I will update this post as things change or when I try new brands.