Hi, I’m Cam and I have a confession..

I spent the first 22 years of my life buying the cheapest five-pack of boxer briefs available, the route most men take.

I mean, you never notice underwear and no one can see them so...

Why spend extra money on a fancy pair?

Two years ago, I found Saxx. ONE pair of boxer briefs was $30.

What!? My typical three pack was only $15!

I was curious how a company could charge $30 for a single pair. It’s been two years, I have the same pair, and they’re in great condition.

I love Saxx so much that I replaced my whole underwear drawer. It costs, but Saxx are more comfortable, look nicer, absorb sweat better, and last longer.

Since Saxx isn’t the only premium company out there, I bought eleven pairs of the best men's underwear to see if anyone could dethrone Saxx as the best.

A few things before we get to the reviews:

  • I’m 5’11”, 150 lbs, active, and a very sweaty human, so reviews are based on my body type.
  • I review each pair based on appearance, quality, fit, comfort, price, and activity.
  • I wore each brand at least three times (They were washed three times to test the durability.)
  • I engaged in some form of physical activity and slept in each pair at least once.
  • Only boxer briefs are reviewed (according to this study 53% of men prefer boxer briefs).

Saxx Vibe Boxer Brief


Saxx offers the best boxer briefs on the market. I’ve tried four different styles. The 24-Seven Boxer is comfortable but doesn’t handle sweat well. The
Blacksheep Boxer is the most comfortable pair to touch my skin but they’re $45 each and hot (not ideal for summer). For $30, the Vibe Boxer is Saxx’s best. It’s made of 95% viscose, which is soft, moisture wicking, and comfortable. Saxx’s biggest advantage is their “Ballpark Pouch” that helps prevent chafing. Saxx has over 70 different color options. A pair offers the perfect amount of tightness and they’re the best looking. You’ll get a couple years out of your Saxx. If you don’t like the quality, email them and they’ll hook you up (I’ve seen it).


ExOfficio Give-N-Go Boxer Brief


I had never heard of ExOfficio before, but I’m a fan now. They’re lightweight, thin, and mostly nylon. If you’re used to wearing cotton, this is a different experience. If you’re an athlete, ExOfficio is what you want. They’re the most breathable, and when you sweat, the moisture dries quickly. They’re looser than Saxx, but still keep everything in place. My issues: color options are limited and the waistband isn’t the most attractive. They’re $26 on the official website and $20 at Amazon.


Buck Naked Performance Boxer Brief


Buck Nakeds feel identical to the ExOfficio’s. They’re mostly nylon and have the same moisture wicking technology. The material and fit makes a pair feel like you’re not wearing anything. However, Buck Nakeds are only available on the the Duluth Trading website (not Amazon) and they charge $10 for shipping (unless you buy more than two pairs). ExOfficio has better color options than Buck Naked.


Tommy John Second Skin Boxer Brief


I love my Tommy Johns! They do two things to differentiate: the boxer briefs are longer and feature a “quick draw fly.” Tommy John’s fly is located on top, making it more accessible. Like Mack Weldon, they have cool branding and offer discounts as you purchase more. The packaging is amazing. Although not great with sweat, they’re the most comfortable to sleep in and wear because they’re soft and stay in place. Amazon has most sizes available. This is my favorite pair of boxer briefs but $34 is steep. You’ll find better values with the three above brands.


Under Armour 6″ Boxerjock


They’re durable, mostly polyester, and feature a mesh fly panel (great for wicking sweat and staying dry). They’re lightweight yet a bit heavier than the ExOfficios. They look great and the color options are endless (new colors are always being released). Boxerjocks are on the tighter side, but they stay in place and are very comfortable.


Jockey Pro Performance Boxer Brief


They do well with sweat and are breathable. They’re a combination of polyester and spandex and have mesh spots in all the perfect places to address sweat. Jockey offers a bunch of styles and colors, but the product line can be confusing (18 different styles). The Performance Boxer is their go-to and the one I tried. The fit is similar to the Under Armour Boxerjock. You can get a pair on Amazon for $20, a great value.


MeUndies Boxer Brief


MeUndies are made of MicroModal, which is the softest material on earth. These are by far the softest pair. They are tight (similar to Calvin Klein) yet stretchy, but still bunch up a bit. MeUndies’ shipping and processing takes a long time, and you can’t order on Amazon. Their biggest distinction is the subscription service, where you’ll get a new pair sent to you every month for $16. MeUndies have lots of unique designs and create new ones every month. A lot of the designs are gimmicky but MeUndies isn’t trying to be “elite.” They’re selling fun and convenience.


Mack Weldon 18 Hour Jersey Boxer Brief


I wanted to like Mack Weldon because of the branding and website. The 18 Hour Jerseys look great, come in many colors, and are priced at only $24. Your discount increases as you spend more. Mack Weldon falls short in many areas; more than half of the colors and sizes are regularly “out of stock,” and the label is on the back of the underwear (see picture, it looks terrible). They sit lower on the waist than most, which makes for a different feel and causes them to bunch up. The 18 Hour Jerseys are a combination of cotton and modal, and the waistband is comfortable. It keeps you cool and does a decent job with sweat (not as well as the top three). They provide a full refund if you don’t like them.


Calvin Klein Steel Micro Boxer Brief


With Calvin Klein, you’re buying the brand name. They’re mostly tactel nylon; this material doesn’t do well with sweat and stays hot. The Calvin Klein and MeUndies are the tightest pairs. The material is very soft and comfortable, and tightness can be fine, but they bunch at times, which isn’t very comfortable.


Hanes Ultimate X-Temp Boxer Brief


They’re made of 100% cotton and don’t fit as well as the expensive brands. They don’t breathe well so sweating is awful. The good part? You can get a three pack for $15 on Amazon. That’s $5 a pair! If you don’t value the feeling of a nice pair of underwear, you can make the argument that Hanes is a great value. I noticed they’ve gone tagless (sizing is print on the back). This is good news.


Fruit of the Loom Breathable Boxer Brief


They’re a classic and a staple of most top drawers. The ads claim the briefs are moisture wicking but they are not. They’re mostly cotton. The problem with cheap underwear is that they get worn down after a few washes and start pilling. I gave Hanes a slight edge because they were more comfortable.


2(x)ist Pima Stretch Boxer Brief


This was the least memorable pair. There’s nothing wrong with them but there’s nothing I liked. They’re mostly cotton so sweat is an issue. They look better and fit better than a typical pair of cheap underwear, but it’s not a drastic difference. They look like a black pair of Hanes, and definitely don’t provide a premium vibe. You’re paying a premium price for a mediocre product. It’s not the kind of comfort and experience I’m looking for when I pay $30.


Diesel Helong Fresh Modal Boxer Brief


Diesels are soft and the red vibrant color is nice, but they are two inches shorter than a typical boxer brief. They aren’t a brief, but it’s close. They are small and compact. I took them off, after just four hours, because the tags were itchy and the boxers were uncomfortable. Also, they came pre-ripped in the crotch area, and you can tell they were poorly made by looking at the stitching. I don’t like that they have “only the brave” printed twice along the waistband; it looks stupid and is cliche. Fortunately, I was able to send them back to Amazon for a full refund.