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Best T-Shirts For Men: Conclusive Top Five List Of Crew Tees

best t shirts

I don’t know anything about fashion; but that’s a good thing because I’m not dedicated to any particular brands. I’m unbiased and willing to try new things.

If you’re a dude, I’m sure t-shirts are one of your wardrobe staples. To be honest, it’s the only kind of shirt I wear. Whether by itself or under a pullover or sweatshirt, the t-shirt is practically my second skin.

I prefer a solid, plain t-shirt. I’ll mix up the colors, but I don’t like any graphics or designs.

My personal favorite has always been the Nike Crew T-Shirts. I initially wore mine as a status symbol, and it was the only shirt I rocked for quite a while. My friends even mocked me for wearing the same thing every day.

But as much as I love my Nikes, I know there are plenty of other awesome shirts out there waiting to be discovered. Having found the best boxer briefs for men, I thought it was time to look for the best t-shirts for men too.


#1 - JackThreads The Daily Heather Crew

From JackThreads

90% Cotton, 10% Polyester

This one doesn’t quite match the quality of some of the others I reviewed, but it’s definitely my favorite. They’re soft and provide the perfect fit (slim, but not tight). They’re pre-shrunk, so they won’t shrink in the wash, and they come in 12 different colors. You’re not going to find a better value for $15. The coolest part about JackThreads is that you can order as many sizes and colors as you want for free; you’re not charged until you decide which ones to keep. Learn more about their TryOuts program here.


#2 - Mack Weldon Pima Crew Neck

From Amazon

100% Peruvian Pima Cotton

I already recognized Mack Weldon for their solid underwear and socks, so what about their shirts? Even better. The Pima Cotton doesn’t pill; it handles sweat well; and the material feels unique. I’m not sure what purpose the pocket in front serves, but you have a choice of having it or not. Of the shirts I tried, this one has the slimmest fit. Another great thing about Mack Weldon is their amazing customer service. If you don’t like the shirt or don’t think it’s worth your money, you can send it back for store credit.


#3 - Tommy John Crew Neck


57% Pima Cotton, 38% Modal, 5% Spandex

I love their underwear! This is the softest shirt I’ve ever worn. And Tommy John is another company with fantastic customer care. If you’re not satisfied with the shirt, Tommy John will let you exchange it for any of their other colors. The color selection could be improved, as it’s pretty limited with just four basic shades. Overall, I liked this shirt more than the Mack Weldon, although it is a little pricey for $45. You’ll get $20 off if you use my link. It’s a great shirt, but overpriced relative to the others.


#4 - Saxx 3Six Five Crew Neck

From Amazon

100% Pima Cotton

If you’ve seen my underwear reviews, you know that I’m a huge fan of Saxx. How do their shirts stack up? The color selection is boring with dark grays and blues. When you read the features of the shirt online, it’s describing all the same attributes of their underwear line. It seems like a lazy effort by Saxx. It’s as though they’re saying, “We make great underwear, and people will probably buy whatever we throw out there.” However, on the positive side, I’ve had my Saxx shirt for a long time and there’s no pilling or shrinking.


#5 - Nike Swoosh Crew

From Amazon

100% Cotton

I love the Nike brand and have worn their stuff forever, but their shirts are boxy. What do I mean by “boxy?” It’s shaped like a box and doesn’t fit your body well. Also, these are going to shrink like crazy. I typically wear a medium but for a Nike shirt a have to buy a large or an extra large due to shrinkage. They’re made out of the cheapest and thinnest cotton out there. (Nike shirts are definitely more thin than they used to be. The quality has gone down, but I don’t think it was ever a great shirt. I just didn’t know any different.)

After six months of regular use, they start pilling. And after washing, the bottom part of the shirt starts to turn up. Nike has nicer shirts (more than $40); but they don’t qualify as a “basic solid tee.” You can get with it the swoosh embroidered on the front for $22 or the swoosh printed on the back for $15. Both Nike tees are similar but the front swoosh is slightly nicer. You have 12 different color options.