Having found the best men’s boxer briefs, I thought it was time to look for the best men’s t-shirts.

As you can tell by looking at my caricature above, I wasn’t planning to venture into shirts; it’s the only piece of clothing I’m not wearing. However, like a comfortable pair of socks or boxer briefs, a simple, quality t-shirt is a basic piece every guy needs. And I’m all about finding the best deals on essentials.

I don’t know anything about fashion. But that’s a good thing because I’m not dedicated to any particular brands. I’m unbiased and willing to try new things. I knew there were plenty of awesome shirts out there waiting to be discovered, so I bought 16 different plain tees.

For most dudes, myself included, t-shirts are a wardrobe staple. To be honest, it’s the only kind of shirt I wear. Whether by itself or under a pullover or sweatshirt, the t-shirt is practically my second skin.

I prefer a solid, plain shirt. I have several different colors, but I don’t like any graphics or designs.

The Nike Crew T-Shirts have always been my go-to. I initially wore mine as a status symbol, and it was the only shirt I rocked for quite awhile. My friends even mocked me for wearing the same thing every day.

But I found there are a lot of better options.


Hanes Tagless 100% Cotton

  • The Hanes shirt feels like it weighs 100 pounds because it’s made of uncomfortable, stiff cotton that won’t move.
  • I couldn’t fit in this shirt after washing it once. It shrunk significantly.
  • This doesn’t fit well; it’s just square-shaped.
  • The two things Hanes typically gets right: it’s affordable ($7) and tagless.


Fruit of the Loom Crew Neck

  • You won’t beat the price. A three-pack is $10. You have three different sets of three color options.
  • It’s a classic boxy, that is wide fitting and looks awful.
  • It shrunk a bunch, and the stitching was poor.
  • It shows wear after a couple of washes.


Russell Athletic Basic Cotton

  • It reminds me of Hanes or Fruit of the Loom but more expensive.
  • It’s boxy, fits big, and the sleeves flare out.
  • There’s a noticeable logo on the sleeve, and it doesn’t look good.
  • The fabric is cheap, rough, and stiff.


Gildan Heavy Cotton

  • There are no logos, and I like that.
  • It has tags, but they’re easy to take off without ripping the fabric.
  • It’s a boxy fit, and the fabric is almost itchy and definitely NOT soft. And it’s not comfortable.
  • It’s tough to beat $4.


Saxx 3Six Five Crew Neck

  • I’ve had my Saxx shirt for a long time, and there’s no pilling or shrinking.
  • It’s made of Pima cotton and doesn’t feel like other shirts; it’s silkier.
  • The color selection is awful. I got a blue one, but they only sell gray, black and white now.
  • It seems like a lazy effort by Saxx. It’s as though they’re saying, “We make great underwear, and people will probably buy whatever we throw out there.” It’s not worth the $45 asking price.


H&M Cotton Regular Fit

  • This shirt shrunk so much that it became a belly shirt for me.
  • It’s made so poorly that the alignment is off. When you fold it, you’ll see that one side is longer than the other.
  • It’s tagless, and they offer a bunch of colors.
  • $7 is a great price.


Calvin Klein Cotton Stretch

  • It only comes in two colors.
  • It’s a well-made shirt, but it runs small (tight) and after washing it was utterly skin-tight. That’s not a look I can pull off.
  • This is one of the softest shirts that I tried, but lint and other stuff stuck to it easily. This was annoying.
  • There’s no tag.


Champion Classic Jersey

  • It’s not a bad shirt overall, but I don’t like how their logo is everywhere. There’s one on the top left and then again a colored version on the sleeve.
  • The material is soft and not too thin. It fits the body nicely.
  • There are no tags.
  • Amazon has tons of color options.


Polo Ralph Lauren Classic Crew

  • I don’t like the color options, and you have to buy them in a three-pack. Plus, there are better values out there.
  • It fit me well and looked solid.
  • There are no tags.
  • It’s made out of very thin cotton and feels cheap. It’s stretchy but not soft.


JackThreads The Daily Tee

  • They’re soft and well-fitted (slim, but not tight). And come pre-shrunk, so they won’t shrink in the wash.
  • They come in 12 different colors.
  • It’s a solid value for $15.
  • I’ve bought 15 of these in the last few years and the stitching can be sketchy by the neck. This only happened with four of the 15 that I bought but still, that’s not ideal.


Tommy John Crew Neck Essential Tee

  • It’s the softest shirt I’ve ever worn. It’s well-stitched and looks the same after several washes.
  • They are lots of color options.
  • The neck is a little wider than that on the other shirts, but it doesn’t bother me.
  • Overall, I like this shirt, but it’s not worth paying $20 more than you would for Buck Mason’s. I’d recommend getting at least one of these for your collection.


Goodthreads Crewneck Cotton

  • This is an Amazon-owned company operating under a different name. It’s a great value for only $12.
  • These shirts are amazing. They feel similar to the Buck Mason and are made of soft silky cotton with no tags.
  • The only con is a limited color selection.
  • It fits well and is one of the comfiest shirts I bought. Also, it maintained its shape after many washes.


Buck Mason Pima Curved Hem Tee

  • This is a premium shirt at an affordable price. It’s one of the pricier options on the list ($28), but it’s worth every cent.
  • It’s made of silky cotton that’s comfortable and perfectly fitted.
  • It’s well-stitched and overall well-made.
  • The curved bottom is a nice feature and looks great. It gives the shirt a slightly different look than a basic tee.
  • It comes preshrunk so there will be no unpleasant surprises come laundry day.