Affiliate Disclosure

You may be asking, “Cam, why did you dedicate a whole site to your underpants?

Here’s why:

  • I wanted to show that the best underwear typically doesn’t come in a three-pack, and realized there were no specific sites addressing this. From there, I decided to review some t-shirts and socks too.
  • There wasn’t much competition to get this site ranking on Google. I’m in the Amazon Associates program (more about affiliate marketing in a moment). I get a 6% commission from Amazon if you click my links and make a purchase within 24 hours. (For example, I get $1.50 if you buy the $25 Saxx Vibe Boxer Brief.)

Does it cost me more to click your links?

Clicking my links doesn’t cost you anything, but it helps me and I truly appreciate that.

I didn’t get compensated for any of the underwear tried. Everything was purchased by ME!

I had fun with this project and I’ll update it as things change (i.e. pricing, durability, new brands).

Lastly, I’m sorry to all my friends and family who listened to me talk about my underwear, non-stop, for three weeks. It’s finally over!