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Updated 03/01/2018

MeUndies Review: Buying Into The Marketing Hype? (Don’t!)

meundies review

If you’re a dude, I’m sure you’ve seen a MeUndies ad in your Facebook newsfeed at some point.

MeUndies does a great job of going after millennials with their social media ads. That’s how I found out about them a few years ago.

I bought a pair of MeUndies’ boxer briefs in my quest to find the best. They’re $20, which makes them cheaper than some of my favorites (Tommy John & Saxx), but way more expensive than your typical pair that comes in a three-pack.

MeUndies claims to be the world’s most comfortable underwear brand but are they?

Things I Like:

  • MeUndies has a great marketing team; as a marketer myself, I appreciate that. They don’t try to create a premium vibe. They’re targeting the fun demographic with their gimmicky designs and matching pairs for couples. That’s not my thing, but it’s a cool way for the company to differentiate themselves.
  • You can buy 10-packs for $150 to get a significant discount. They also have a subscription where you can get a pair mailed to you every month for $16. This is an excellent way to keep your stock updated without having to remember to re-order.
  • The underwear is made of MicroModal, which is one of the softest materials I’ve ever touched. It’s three times softer than cotton.
  • I had a promo code for a free pair and didn’t want them, so I bought a pair for my girlfriend. It’s cool that they sell for both genders. I can’t speak to the fit, but she said she likes them. (You can get matching pairs too!)
  • If you don’t like your first pair, they’ll refund you. Just be careful not to wash them, or you’ll void the warranty.

Things I Dislike:

  • I only tried the boxer briefs, but I hated the fit. They were the tightest brand I tried. The tight fit would’ve been fine if they stayed in place, but bottoms were constantly riding up, while the top part was riding down. (If you like loose underwear, their boxers might be worth a shot).
  • They didn’t seem to age well. After a couple of months’ worth of washes, they started to show wear.
  • Processing and shipping take a long time. If you’re on the East Coast, expect to wait at least a week for your underwear to come in.
  • Don’t even think about working out in these. My boxer briefs stuck to me like glue with no ventilation. It was gross.
  • MeUndies is an internet only company. You won’t find these in stores or online retailers.

Things To Keep In Mind:

  • MeUndies has a lucrative affiliate program, and they give away a lot of free products in exchange for reviews. I didn’t take advantage of the program; I bought my MeUndies with my money.
  • I could be the anomaly. My body type might be different than others who’ve liked MeUndies underwear.
  • I haven’t tried their sweatpants or sweatshirts yet, so this review is only about the underwear.

Final Take

MeUndies is a cool company, but their products are definitely overpriced. Don’t buy into the savvy marketing.

If MeUndies boxer briefs were priced in the $10 range, their boxers would be worth a shot, but they’re charging premium prices for a sub-par product.

If you’re looking for high-quality underwear, take a look at Tommy John or Saxx.