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Updated 03/03/2018

Saxx Review: LOVE The Underwear, Everything Else Sucks

saxx review

Back in 2013, I’d buy the cheapest pair of boxers I could find. They normally came in a three pack for $10.

Then Noah Kagan plugged his underwear. He wore Saxx. This was the first time I had heard of the online underwear company.

Out of pure curiosity, I bought a pair of Saxx boxer briefs for $30. I loved them and eventually filled my top drawer with more. It was then I realized how important a quality pair of underwear really is.

If it weren’t for Saxx, this site wouldn’t exist.

It’s more than three years later and I’ve tested dozens of brands since the site’s inception (check my complete rankings). Where do I stand on Saxx now? I still love them.
saxx underwear review

Things I Like:

  • The Ultra, Vibe and Platinum styles are all great choices. You pay a premium price, but you get a premium product in return. I still have a pair from a couple of years ago, and it’s in good condition. Vibe is my favorite style because of its longer legs.
  • The fit is amazing on the above pairs. If you get the right size, they’ll be tight with no riding up.
  • They have a long legged option (9″ inseam), like Tommy John does. This gives even more protection from riding up.
  • Ballpark pouch helps keep the boys in their proper place and prevents chafing. I’m not sure why more companies haven’t adopted this.
  • Saxx’s customer service is excellent. When I complained about my pair of Blacksheep’s not holding up, they had me send in a picture and then gave me a free pair of my choosing from the store.
  • They look the best of any underwear I’ve ever tried. There are over 70 different colors and patterns to choose from.

saxx shorts

Things I Dislike:

  • Saxx’s product selection is confusing. People love options, but there are just too many.
  • Stay away from their cotton underwear (24-Seven, Fiesta). These are the cheapest styles, and it shows. They don’t feel all that different from a pair of $3 Hanes.
  • Saxx has a style called the Quest for working out. It was extremely uncomfortable, and I hated it. It’s made of mostly mesh nylon, but the material irritated my skin. I had the 1.0 version but they’ve recently released 2.0. I haven’t tried the new version, but it can’t be any worse than the first.
  • Saxx’s Blacksheep boxer is the most comfortable and warm pair of underwear I’ve ever worn. So why is it in the dislike section? They’re $45 and didn’t last a full year before holes developed in the crotch. I expect more for $45.
  • I bought one of their shirts to test out because I’m a huge fan of the company. The shirt is OK and has held up (there’s no pilling or shrinking), but it was $45. I’d rather go with a $15 JackThreads shirt.
  • Their 2 in 1 Kinetic Train Shorts are poorly made. It’s a cool concept, to have your underwear built into your shorts for maximum comfort. These were relatively comfortable, but the stitching was a mess, they were way shorter than I prefer and they definitely weren’t worth the $80 price tag.

Final Take

If Saxx reduced their product selection and focused on what they do best, they’d be an almost perfect company.

If you want a pair of boxer briefs to work out in, I recommend Saxx’s Pro Elites. Otherwise, go with Saxx’s Vibe or Ultra.

I plan to keep buying from Saxx and will be a loyal customer for life.