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Updated 09/13/2017

Tommy John Review: $34 For A Pair Is Ridiculous Or Is it?

tommy john review

Until recently, Saxx was my favorite brand of boxer briefs. But Tommy John has them beat.

$34 is a lot of money to pay for underwear, so I was hesitant to buy a pair. But I’m so glad I did. These days, instead of choosing whatever pair of boxer briefs is on top in my drawer like I used to, I go out of my way to pick my Tommy Johns.

I now own eight pairs of Tommy Johns. (That’s almost $300 in underwear. Yikes.)

Things I Like:

  • Tommy John Second Skin boxer briefs are the best piece of clothing to ever touch my body; this isn’t hyperbole.
  • They’re made of soft, breathable material that’s lightweight and stretchy.
  • The boxer briefs are longer than most, and this helps keep them in place. They won’t ride up. (If you don’t like the longer style, they have styles with a regular inseam too).
  • I know I’ve already said they’re comfortable, but sleeping in them is amazing. They keep everything in place.
  • Their t-shirts are fantastic! The color selection could be improved, but these are the softest shirts I’ve ever owned. They’re well made and will stand the test of time.
  • Their customer service is the best in the business. I told them the socks I ordered were terrible, and they sent me a pair of boxer briefs (that I love) for free!
  • I love Tommy John’s branding. They’ve done a great job articulating which pair is perfect for you depending what’s most important to you (breathability, flexibility, softness, warmth).
  • As you buy more, you get bigger discounts. (10% off if you spend $150, $15% if you spend $250).
  • I’ve never used a fly, but if you’re wearing a suit, I get why you’d want to. With Tommy Johns, there’s a special “quick draw fly” that’s horizontal, making access easier.
  • If you want a pair perfect for working out, go with the 360 Sports.
  • If you don’t like your first pair, you can send them back for a refund.

tommy John shirt

Things I Dislike:

  • Like I said, $34 is a lot of money to spend on underwear. But these are going to last forever and the comfort is unparalleled.
  • Tommy John’s socks suck. They’re $16 a pair. They didn’t smell good and after a couple washes, they started piling on the bottom. (Check out my top picks for socks).

Final Take

I haven’t tried their sweatpants or hoodies yet, but it’s on my list of things to do.

Their underwear is perfect.

The Cool Cottons are $31 and nice, but I recommend you spend the extra $3 and get the Second Skins.

If you use my link to buy your underwear, you’ll get 20% off. That makes a pair $27 instead of $34, which is a little more reasonable.

If they’re not your favorite pair of underwear, send them back. You have nothing to lose. Every guy needs to have at least one pair of Tommy Johns in their drawer!